This iPad Mini deal is good, but you should still avoid it

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If you've been perusing the Fourth of July sales for ways to get the iPad mini (2021) for cheap, then you may have spotted the 64GB version on offer, as it's newly down to $409. However, we're here to tell you to avoid it.

This deal is live on Amazon and Walmart, including other places, but it's actually nothing new - we've been seeing the tablet go down to this price many times before, including during deals seasons like Black Friday, but at other times too.

That's a fine discount for the tablet, but we could see it hit a new low soon. Amazon Prime Day is coming up in just a week, and the iPad mini (2021) is likely to see a better discount then. And even if it doesn't, it'll likely see a price match at least.

So if you really need a new iPad mini right now, maybe you should go for the tablet - but if not, we'd recommend you wait.


iPad mini (2021) 64GB: $459 $409 at Walmart
This small-body iPad is easily portable, with a small screen, but it's fairly powerful and isn't too expensive either. It doesn't come with any accessories though.
Also at Amazon

In our iPad mini (2021) review we called it a "powerful device with a crisp smaller screen" and gave it four stars out of five overall.

We praised it for its compact design, as well as its powerful chipset and the fact it brought a storage jump over the 2019 model.

However we weren't as keen on its battery life which was sub-par, the fact its 5G connectivity was limited, and that it doesn't come with any keyboard or stylus accessory (so that'd cost you more).

Like any device, it's a good tablet if you can get it at a good price, and hopefully Prime Day will bring just that discount.

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