This $10,000 gold-plated keyboard is the tackiest way to blow your savings

Adata Golden Summoner
(Image credit: Adata / Anandtech)

Here’s a gaming keyboard with a difference – it’s made out of gold, and it costs $10,000 (around £7,700, AU$14,500). No, we’re not making this up…

Adata recently showed off this blinged-up peripheral over at CES 2020, and it’s essentially a gold version of the manufacturer’s XPG Summoner gaming keyboard. The main difference being that the Adata Golden Summoner is 24-carat gold-plated (with aluminium underneath that gold, so it’s one heavy keyboard).

As Anandtech, which spotted this accessory, observed, it’s cold to the touch as you might imagine, so maybe not the most comfy keyboard to rest your fingers on when partaking of your favorite shooter (at least not until you’ve warmed the keys up a bit). Furthermore, it doesn’t look like the lettering on the keys stands out that much.

But this obviously isn’t an exercise in practicality, but rather showing off. The tech world has a long tradition of gold-plated, diamond-studded gadgets that make the mind boggle, but they’re usually phones (or indeed iPhones) – and a golden gaming keyboard is definitely a new one.

Special request

Apparently, though, this wasn’t Adata’s idea, but a request from a customer with a suitably fat wallet – and having made one, the company decided it would manufacture six of them.

As well as the gold-plated keys and chassis, you get a wrist rest which is decked out in a matching gold color.

Presumably the device uses the same Cherry MX switches as the original XPG Summoner keyboard, although Adata doesn’t clarify that, or indeed anything about the spec of this peripheral beyond the materials used in its construction. It appears to be identical to the standard XPG model, even down to the volume roller present top-right.

At any rate, this is clearly the perfect companion peripheral for those who have a golden PC case, gold-framed monitor, and a gold-plated mouse. Oh, and let’s throw in a gold gaming headset while we’re at it, because why not...

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