This could be the final Google Pixel 2 XL design

We’re just days away from the unveiling of the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL (plus a bunch of other stuff) but never doubt the resourcefulness of leakers, as the final design of the latter may have just surfaced.

Two leaked renders from Evan Blass showcase the upcoming phone, one of which sees it fit snugly into a form-fitting case, and another that shows it in the buff. Only the front is within view, but for all that’s hidden, there’s still plenty to look at. 

Credit: Evan Blass

For instance, we can see the minimized bezels near the top and bottom, which are drastically reduced from what we saw in the original Google Pixel. They rock a subtle curve near the corners, which are reminiscent to what we’ve seen on the LG V30. We’ve heard that this design will be a Pixel 2 XL exclusive, leaving the smaller Pixel 2 looking similar to day’s Pixel devices in the bezel department.

Among a few other small observations in the Pixel 2 XL leak, it’s also possible to see the dual front-facing speakers, the array of familiarly-located buttons on the side and a selfie camera. Standing out on the display, other than the gorgeous-looking 2.5D curved screen itself, is what’s on it: a new-look Pixel Launcher.

A small, but potentially huge update

Judging from what can be seen here, the Google search bar now resides near the bottom of the screen. For most, if not all, Android users, this will look a bit strange on the first few glimpses. 

Next, the new launcher displays pertinent calendar information up top, including the weather (which has a matching rainy wallpaper to match, no less. Coincidence?). Strangely, this all puts the time and date on the back burner, though what’s being displayed might just be contextual and fade back to the usual view after the event has passed.

Not to needlessly whip out our tin-foil hats here, but we’re picking up the slightest whiff of Google’s Fuchsia operating system here. From the bottom-oriented search bar to the way the notification text is listed out looks a bit like what we saw pop up in May

Combine these small changes with the cloud of mystery surrounding what on Earth could require the Google Pixelbook to launch with upwards of 512GB of storage and the signs, even if nothing turns up at this week’s event, may be beginning to point toward Fuchsia, the company’s merger of Android and Chrome OS.

Lead image credit: Evan Blass

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