The upcoming Apple iPads are tipped to feature more camera lenses

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If you actually must take photos with a tablet then we've got some good news for you: the next refresh of Apple's iPad and iPad Pro lines are being tipped to come with upgrades in the camera department.

Japanese blog Mac Otakara, which has a reasonably good record in terms of Apple tips and rumours, says the next iPad Pro will feature a triple-lens rear camera and the next iPad will feature a dual-lens rear camera.

In fact the slates are predicted to get the same sort of rectangular rear camera housing that we're expecting to see on the iPhone 11 models when they show up in September.

Up until now, even the most expensive of the iPads have only come with a single-lens rear camera (it's a 12MP one in the latest iPad Pro), so this would be quite a step up for Apple and the photo-taking capabilities of its iPads.

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According to the supply chain source speaking to Mac Otakara, new iPads and iPad Pros are due to be launched this October, though for now we'd take the rumors with a little pinch of salt.

It's the first time we've heard something like this, and while it's certainly possible that Apple wants to upgrade the iPad cameras, these devices are hardly going to appeal to professional photographers.

What it would do is allow the iPads to make use of Portrait mode effects, blurring the background while the subject remains in focus. Extra lens would also help with augmented reality apps.

Aside from speed bumps on the inside, we're not expecting too many changes on the next round of iPads, although this might just be the year that the entry-level iPad ditches the Home button and adopts Face ID.

Via Apple Insider

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