The Rings of Power cast already know who Sauron and The Stranger are

Galadriel stands and stares in shock at the approaching ash cloud from the newly created Mount Doom in The Rings of Power episode 6
The Rings of Power's two biggest mysteries haven't been solved yet. (Image credit: Matt Grace/Prime Video)

Potential spoilers follow for The Rings of Power.

The Rings of Power's cast already know The Stranger's true identity and which of them is actually playing Sauron.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar after The Rings of Power episode 6 aired, Morfydd Clark – who plays Galadriel – hinted that the Prime Video show's cast know the answers to the high fantasy series' two biggest mysteries. Unsurprisingly, though, Clark wasn't forthcoming with further clues as to which character Sauron is masquerading as, or who Daniel Weyman's powerful Stranger really is.

Asked if any members of the cast knows the answers about The Rings of Power's biggest secrets, a wry smiling Clark teased: "Maybe. The interesting thing about Sauron is he's kind of everywhere. He can creep into anyone's mind, because he is despair and doubt."

Adar addresses his orc army by fire light in The Rings of Power episode 6

Some fans have suggested that Adar is Sauron in disguise. (Image credit: Prime Video)

Ever since The Rings of Power's first teaser dropped online in February, diehard Lord of the Rings fans and more casual viewers have posited theories about The Stranger's true identity. Additionally, many have pondered which of the series' 22 main characters is Sauron in disguise.

Weyman's Stranger, who crash landed on Middle-earth in a meteor in the Prime Video show's opening episode, has displayed magical and dangerous abilities throughout The Rings of Power season 1. Subsequently, many fans have suggested that The Stranger must be a wizard, with the most likely option being that he's Gandalf. That's down to his burgeoning relationship with the Harfoots, one of three precursor Hobbit races.

It's the identity of Sauron, though, that's kept the rumor mill going in recent weeks. Fans have suggested that anyone from Joseph Mawle's Adar, who finally debuted in The Rings of Power episode 3, to Charlie Vickers' Halbrand, and even The Stranger himself as the individual that Sauron is masquerading as.

Curiously, it isn't just those watching Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV show who discussed which cast member was really playing Sauron. Tyroe Muhafidin, who portrays Theo, exclusively told TechRadar that the show's cast also tried to get to the bottom of the Sauron mystery before they started receiving official scripts.

"Back in January 2020, when we'd only been given the first two scripts, Markella [Kavenagh], Nazanin [Boniadi] and I got together for dinner and to play some Monopoly," Muhafidin said. "About halfway through playing, we just stopped the game and started coming up with crazy theories. Markella said 'Oh, what if Charlie is Sauron? What if Theo is Sauron?', so I jokingly replied 'What if Nori is Sauron?'.

"Every time we got a new script, we read through to find out who it was. So we went through what the fans are currently going through, just a year or two before. Now we're getting to see the fans have the same theories and it's been really interesting to watch."

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With just two more episodes of The Rings of Power's first season left, audiences will be hoping that one of these two mysteries is resolved. If either are, it'll be a long wait for potential answers in season 2. Amazon Studios has renewed the TV show for another outing and, as Robert Aaramyo – who plays Elrond – told TechRadar in September, filming is expected to begin sometime in the next month or two.

"We will be filming very soon," Clark confirmed when TechRadar asked for an update on when principal photography would start. "I'm really excited about that because it's going be so nice to get back with the cast and to get to know a new crew."

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