The Mandalorian has reportedly cast WWE star Sasha Banks for season 2

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What we know about The Mandalorian season 2 so far has been based on the clues mentioned in the Star Wars show's season one finale. Now, though, casting rumors are starting to emerge about the Disney Plus show – and WWE superstar Sasha Banks is apparently joining the series in season 2, according to reports. 

This news started with a tweet from the Mat Men Pro Wrestling cast, which couldn't 100% verify that Banks had joined the show:

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The website Pro Wrestling Sheet then verified the news with its sources, confirming she's filmed scenes for the show. It's been pointed out that Banks hasn't appeared in the WWE since January 3, which means it's possible she's been filming the show in the meantime. 

The Mandalorian season 2 has been in production since at least November of last year, so it's unclear how big her role will be.

We know that season 2 of The Mandalorian will introduce new characters with possible spin-offs in mind, per Disney's last financial report – but it's just as likely Banks is appearing in a one-off role, as a character The Mandalorian encounters on his journey. 

Season 1 had plenty of notable guest stars in relatively minor roles, like Bill Burr, Amy Sedaris, Jason Sudeikis and even Werner Herzog. 

What next for Mando?

In the next set of episodes of the Star Wars TV series, we expect to learn more about meme superstar Baby Yoda's species and home planet, as well as the Darksaber weapon briefly spotted in the show's final moments. 

It's been reported by Deadline that Skywalker Saga characters may make an appearance in the coming season – but given that the show is set long before The Force Awakens, it's unclear who that would be. A droid, maybe? An ewok?

The Mandalorian returns to Disney Plus in October 2020. 

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