The iPhone X2 could make it harder to run out of battery

If you're regularly running out of charge on your iPhone X, then chances are you're getting used to the need to constantly power it back up.

The good news is that Apple might be trying to do something about that, giving you more power in less time... and without having to spend money on a new accessory.

The rumor we're seeing suggests that Apple will be putting fast chargers in the box of the iPhone X2, bringing it in line with top competitors like Samsung and Huawei, who offer the tech for free at purchase.

Apple currently claims that its phones support fast charging to the tune of 50% in 30 minutes... but only with a lot of money spent on new accessories.

Now, before we get into this, it's worth noting that there are a lot of 'ifs' with this story, not least because it comes from Chongdiantou (translated) which cites 'Rechargeable Network Reliable News' as its source. 

But if true, it would signal something of a change for Apple, hinting that it wants to keep finding new ways of 'innovating' to its customers by offering them things they've not experienced before.

Lots of changes needed

The reason for this rumor seeming spurious is it would take rather a lot of changes for Apple to do this: if you want to fast charge your iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X you currently need to buy a USB-C-to-Lightning cable, as well as a powerful power brick.

The brick - the same as seen on the new MacBook - pumps out at least 29W of power to allow for the fast charging of the iPhone.

To bring that in the box would require significant investment to create - although the rumor is tipping that Apple's got a new 18W USB-PD power brick to allow that. 

The rumor also states that the USB-C lead that wouldn't replace the Lightning cable - that's the standard Apple isn't changing - so that's another piece thrown into the mix.

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That's unless Apple finds a way to fast charge using the Lightning cable, but that would need to be upgraded to allow more power through, and that would mean users would need to go out and buy an 'old' Lightning cable to connect their iPhone to a computer or more standard charging USB outlet.

Given Apple is already being mooted to lose the 3.5mm headphone adaptor from the box to reduce the cost of its flagship phones, this all seems unlikely - but it would be great if Apple found a way to mimic the achievements of its peers in the fast charging space, as it's a really useful thing for consumers to have access to in times of emergency.

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