The iPhone 12's charging cable has leaked, and it has a brand new look

iPhone 11 Pro
The iPhone 11 Pro with its charging cable (Image credit: Future)

Big leaks over the last few weeks have suggested the iPhone 12 series won't feature EarBuds or a charging block in the box, but the latest report suggests there will still be a cable and it'll look different to the one provided with previous iPhones.

According to a Twitter leaker called L0vetodream, Apple may be including a braided cable in the box rather than a plastic covered one. This is something the source has said before, but now they've provided photo evidence.

Braided cables are said to be more durable, and these are therefore likely to last longer through the wear and tear of your smartphone use.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now as we don't know much about the source of where this has come from. Plus, the original tweet where this was shared has since been removed without an explanation as to why.

(Image credit: L0veToDream)

Above is an image of what the cable may look like, but L0vetodream noted in a follow-up tweet that the black cable is designed for Mac and the iPhone 12-specific one is the white cable.

The source wasn't able to confirm whether this would be included in the box for all iPhone 12 models, or if it would be restricted to just some devices. It may be that some devices still get a plastic cable, or no cable at all.

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max both feature a Lightning to USB-C cable, but the iPhone 11 features Lightning to USB-A. It may be that the company decides to use a similar approach for the iPhone 12 and only include this redesigned cable on some devices.

The iPhone 12 is rumored to be delayed after the Covid-19 pandemic, and that may mean we don't see the introduction of Apple's new handset until October this year.

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