iPhone 12 might arrive a month late, with 5G models landing even later

iPhone 11
The successor to the iPhone 11 (above) is likely delayed (Image credit: Future)

While Apple usually unveils new iPhone models in September, there have been numerous reports suggesting that this year there might be a delay, with the latest sources suggesting that the iPhone 12 announcement might instead happen in late October.

That’s based on information obtained by Macotakara from “multiple suppliers in China”, who claim that this is due to the impact of Covid-19.

The sources claim that the 4G iPhone 12 models will land in stores shortly after the announcement, but that the more exciting 5G versions won’t go on sale until November – so if you want a 5G iPhone then you might have to wait two months longer than we’d have expected in a normal year.

A smaller chipset and a likely wait

The report also mentions that the iPhone 12 range will use an A14 chipset (as expected, given that the iPhone 11 range uses the A13), and that it will be Apple’s first 5 nanometer (nm) chipset, down from the 7nm A13. This is something that we’ve heard before, and which is likely to lead to greater efficiency and performance.

Of course, all of this is just rumors for now, but the chipset claim is likely and it’s also looking increasingly likely that the iPhone 12 range will be delayed.

It’s also starting to look like the length of the delay might be in line with the report above, as an earlier report claims for example that the range could launch in November, while another says it’s between one and two months behind.

There are also some suggestions of either no delay or a massive delay that could see the iPhone 12 range pushed back into 2021, but they’re currently outliers.

For now, October or November is looking likely for when you’ll actually be able to buy the phones, though it’s always possible that Apple will stick to September for the announcement and then just give buyers a longer wait between the announcement and on-sale date.

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