iPhone 12 range might be delayed until next year

The successor to the iPhone 11 Pro (above) might still be a long, long way off (Image credit: Future)

The biggest question hanging over the iPhone 12 range right now is when it will actually launch. Usually there would be no question, as Apple always releases its new flagship phones in September, but the coronavirus pandemic has caused issues, and sources disagree on how much this has affected Apple’s next phones, with the latest information suggesting the impact could be huge.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, “sources familiar with the matter” have said that the iPhone 12 range could be delayed by months and may even slip into 2021.

Apparently Apple has held discussions about delaying the launch, both because of impacts on the supply chain and a potentially weaker demand for premium phones in the current climate. It sounds though like no decisions have been made, so even if this rumor is accurate, the delay might not happen.

Don't count on it

And there’s reason to doubt the rumor. For one thing, Nikkei Asian Review has a mixed track record, and for another, some other sources suggest the release is on track.

Then again, we had also recently heard of a possible delay to October or beyond. So there does seem to be some uncertainty. For what it's worth, we'd think a delay into 2021 is unlikely, but we wouldn't rule out a shorter delay.

This latest leak suggests that Apple will make up its mind by May at the latest, so hopefully by then we should have a clearer idea. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if plenty more sources weigh in on whether the iPhone 12 will be delayed or not.

Via ZDNet and GSMArena

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