iPhone 12 range might be delayed until October or later

The successor to the iPhone 11 (above) could be delayed (Image credit: Future)

While we just covered the announcement that Apple’s main manufacturing plants are getting up and running again, it seems this might have come too little too late for the iPhone 12 to launch in September.

That’s the month in which Apple usually launches new iPhones, but according to Jon Prosser (a leaker with a good track record), the iPhone 12 is likely to be delayed until October or November.

He claims that production is behind schedule, and that due to coronavirus-related travel bans Apple hasn’t even been able to finalize the design, so the iPhone 12 is still in the prototyping stage.

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That also means that all the renders and leaks we’ve seen so far apparently aren’t based on finalized hardware. Rather – assuming they’re accurate at all – they’ll just be a mix of the prototypes Apple is currently considering.

So not only might the iPhone 12 range be delayed, but if Prosser is right then we really don’t know much about it either.

Of course, as with any leaks and rumors we’d also take these claims with a pinch of salt, especially as another recent report claimed the iPhone 12 is on schedule. For now, until rumors start lining up, we’d take any iPhone 12 claims with an extra dose of skepticism, but TechRadar will be sure to bring you all the iPhone 12 news as it rolls in – along with our analysis.

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