Sony to launch 84-inch Ultra HD TV at IFA 2012?

Sony to launch 84-inch 4K TV at IFA 2012?
Sony says Bravo to 4K

Sony may have an 84-inch Ultra HD TV up its sizable sleeve, ready for an IFA 2012 reveal.

The European tech show kicks off next week and we'll be hightailing it to Sony's stand to see if the mythical 4096x3072 res tellybox is for real.

Rumours of the mega-TV come by way of an anonymous source speaking to CNET; he (or she) confirmed the 4K-ability of the LCD panel and the fact that it comes with removable speakers.

Retro modern

Looks-wise, the 4K TV is described as being in "a reimagined retro-style appearance with a modern twist".

The rumour comes hot on the heels of speculation that the PS4 will feature 4K support; no doubt Sony is keen to start the consumer market on the road to 4K being a) the norm and b) affordable.

84 inches seems to be the 'in' size for 4K panels. LG announced earlier in the week that its 84-inch 4K television will be in shops worldwide come September. Price-wise, well if you have to ask then you can't afford it (unless you have $11,700 lying around).

Speaking of affordability, there's no word from CNET's source on a price tag for the television, but previous reports suggested somewhere significantly higher than 4K – around $30,000 (£18,900). We are expecting it to be considerable lower, however, considering LG's reported price.

TechRadar will be roaming the IFA 2012 show floor in force, so stay tuned for all the official Sony news starting August 29.


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