Samsung will let us control its 2014 smart TVs by pointing our fingers

Better start those finger exercises right now - you'll be needing them a lot next year.

Samsung has announced that it will be improving its smart TV gesture controls with "finger gesture" features, which will let you change the channel, browse content and adjust the volume all with the power of your pointers.

For example, Samsung says you'll be able to go back to a previous screen by moving your finger in a counterclockwise motion.

Samsung adds that the voice search feature is "also more convenient to use", letting you change channel in one simple step. You'll now just have to say the channel number without preceding it with "Channel change".

Good points all round

As for when you're using voice commands to search for content or information, the results will now show up on the bottom of the screen in a pop-up window.

It should all be welcome news for those frustrated with the state of current gesture and voice controls on Samsung TVs, so let's just hope this pointing stuff doesn't turn out to be an unused gimmick.

That's not all we're expecting to see from Samsung's TV efforts at CES - it also just announced a 105-inch curved Ultra HD television, which we'll be getting our hands on at the first opportunity.

Hugh Langley

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