Philips 7000 Series tops smart TV line-up

Philips 7000 Series tops smart TV line-up
Looks like someone took a wrong turn

Philips has just revealed its latest line-up of smart TVs, with the top of the crop being the Philips 7000 Series.

The company has decided to go a little smart TV crazy with its latest batch of televisions, with the technology embedded in televisions as small as 19 inches.

There's just one part of the range which hasn't been given internet connectivity and that is the budget-conscious Philips 3000 Series.

The Philips 7000 series boasts active shutter 3D, 20W speakers, the inclusion of five HDMI slots, three USB ports and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. As with Philips televisions of yore, two-sided Ambilight is also included.

When it comes to sizes, the 7000 Series is available in 40, 46 and 55-inch sizes.

Smart TV line-up

Below this is the Philips 6000 series. This range begins at 32 inches (there's also 37, 42, 47 and 55-inches available).

Although there is smart TV functionality on board, the speaker size has been reduced to 12W, you get four HDMI inputs instead of five, the standard three USBs, and there is 3D but this comes in a passive flavour.

The mid-range of smart TVs is the Philips 4000 range. There's no 3D on board but you do get four HDMIs, three USBs and the obligatory Wi-Fi. Sizes range from: 32, 37, 42 and 47 inches.

The Philips 3500 range is the final series of smart TVs – including DLNA streaming and YouTube support.

Wi-Fi comes in the form of an optional USB Wi-Fi adaptor and depending on the size of television you want (sizes start and 19 inches and end at 42 inches) there's both 720p and 1080p panels.

Not-so smart

For those who hate 3D and laugh at the thought of connecting your television up to the internet, the Philips 3000 Series is for you.

Sizes go from 19 to 42 inches and you get three HDMI ports and one USB slot, but there's no smart TV functionality on board and not even a whiff of 3D.

The Philips 7000 Series UK release date – as with the rest of the range – is Q2. Pricing is to be announced.

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