LG looks to Freeview HD TV by 2010

LG's Freesat TV
LG's Freesat TV - selling well

LG has told TechRadar that the arrival of Freeview HD in the UK will almost certainly bring about a television from the company with a built in tuner to receive the broadcasts.

A spokesman for LG televisions explained that the company's Freesat televisions had been popular with consumers, and that Freeview HD functionality would be interesting to the Korean manufacturer.

"LG is a very forward looking company," said spokesman Dean Little. "If Freeview HD becomes a big player then we be getting involved with it, without a doubt.

Next year

"It's something that's relatively new, I know they are looking at the end of the year for launch, so probably not this year but next year you will see something from us, with regards to that," he added.

"At the end of the day , if customers want Freesat or Freeview HD then we want them to have the choice with LG."

Little also believes that consumers are beginning to learn their lesson about HD, with the likes of Freesat helping to educate consumers about what the difference is between it and SD.

Freesat success

"Freesat has done a really good job of pushing HD and customer awareness is certainly growing in things like what Full HD and 1080p mean as well," said Little.

"The feedback we've got is that Freesat is selling very well in the market. We could have brought the product out about a year ago, when Freesat was new but customer awareness wasn't really around then.

"Now customers are much more aware because of things like Freesat's marketing and it is a market that's now going to take off."

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