Ultra HD TVs go to war as Currys and PC World stock Samsung's 4K line-up

Ultra HD goes mainstream as Currys and PC World stock Samsung's 4K TVs
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Samsung's F9000 series Ultra HD TVs are coming to a Currys and PC World near you.

The high street retailer has announced that it will be selling the 65-inch and 55-inch 4K TVs online from today and will have the 65-inch set available to buy in-store from Friday July 26.

Currys also currently stock Sony 4K televisions, so this means that we will be seeing the two tribes finally go to war on the UK high street.

Fifteen outlets around the country will be stocking the 65-inch televisions, which you can see and buy in the following stores:

Guildford, Leicester, Teesside, Bristol, Poole, Glasgow, Birmingham, Enfield, Staples Corner, Fulham, New Malden, Reading, Thurrock, Solihull and Sydenham.

Ultra brilliant

As well as being all Ultra HD-ed up, the two televisions feature Samsung's Smart TV platform, 3D and the high-res panels are LED displays.

Of course, neither TV comes cheap. The 65-inch samsung UE65F9000 will set you back £5,999, while the 55-inch Samsung UE55F9000 is a mere £3,999.

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