Foxtel to launch two new HD Foxtel Sports channels

Foxtel sports
Fox Sports and Foxtel is giving you more sports in HD

Foxtel has announced that Fox Sports will be rebranding its Fuel TV and Speed channels to Fox Sports 4 and Fox Sports 5 from November 3.

The two channels, along with Fox Sports channels 1 to 3 and Fox Sports News and Fox Footy, will bring the tally up to seven HD channels.

The new line-up will include local and global live sports coverage, but more interestingly, more interactive content.


All seven channels will be available through Foxtel Go, Foxtel Play and Foxtel on Telstra T-Box, as well as the new Foxtel iQ3 set-top box, which will likely be launched in November as well.

The new HD Fox Sports line up will also include the interactive 'Red button' features, which gives viewers options like choosing different commentary teams or watching simultaneous live feeds.

"The amped-up Red button feature, combined with the exciting opportunities coming with Foxtel's revolutionary iQ3, will customise the TV experience and take fans closer to the sport they love than ever before," Fox Sports said as part of its announcement.