Foxtel's premium pay TV to get a price cut?

Foxtel Play
Foxtel premium to get competitive?

It looks like pay TV in Australia is in for a transformation, with reports emerging that Foxtel may be looking to drop its premium pay TV subscription offering to less than $100.

The new bundle, called "triple play", will combine pay TV, broadband and telephone services and will allow Foxtel to lower the cost of its premium pay TV subscription linked to its iQ set top boxes.

Foxtel could also be working on creating more options for Foxtel content on multiple devices, as its current group of services (Presto, Play and Go) already provide platforms for new ways of paying for content.

Getting ready for competition?

Earlier this month, Foxtel halved the price of its Presto streaming service, bringing it in line with other streaming services like Quickflix. It is also facing more local competition, like Dendy Direct and, which are creating easier forms of content access.

News of Netflix working on coming down to Australia would have Foxtel on edge, and with set top box Fetch TV now available through retailers and also offering a premium pay TV subscription, Foxtel is facing more and more competition.

Dropping the price of its premium pay TV offering through a bundle might just be the thing for Foxtel to maintain its status in a growing crowd of content providers, but we will have to wait and see until Foxtel reveals pricing.

When that may end up being is still unknown, but with the iQ3 set top box expected to land in November, it is likely Foxtel will have something to announce in the next couple of months.

Via: TV Tonight