Google Chromecast now shipping outside the US, via Amazon

Google Chromecast now shipping outside the US, via Amazon
Chrome goes global. Sort of...

UPDATE: International orders appear to be suspended at present, but reports suggest those already placed are unaffected.

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Google's Chromecast streaming dongle can now be obtained by those outside of the United States, thanks to some newly-available international shipping options on Amazon.

The small HDMI dongle, which enables content to be streamed from a smartphone or tablet, directly to a hi-def television set, has previously only been available in the US.

Google is still holding off on an official international expansion for its $35 device, but Amazon's new shipping option will mean those desperate to obtain a Chromecast dongle can do so for some heightened shipping costs.

Brits hoping to buy the device will have to fork over £22.50 for the device, plus £5.79 for standard shipping. Android Central is also reporting the device can be shipped to addresses in Australia also.

Apple TV killer?

Chromecast arrived as a highly affordable competitor to the Apple TV platform. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and Google Chrome OS devices.

It uses cloud mirroring to pull down content from the web, rather than streaming it directly from the smartphone or tablet. Apps for the device are thin on the ground so far, but content providers are expressing an interest.

Still trying to decide which mobile-to-TV streaming device is right for you? Peruse the following: Apple TV vs Google Chrome: Which is better?

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