French Open tennis in 3D: tech revealed

Panasonic filming tennis in 3D
Panasonic filming tennis in 3D

Panasonic has announced that its cameras are being used to film the entire French Open in 3D – something it is doing in collaboration with Eurosport.

In the UK, Virgin Media announced that it is showing the 3D matches but we have been in the dark over what kit is being used at Roland Garros.

Until now: Panasonic has revealed just what set-up it is using to deliver the 3D content.

At the heart of it is Panasonic's latest 3D camcorder, the upcoming AG-3DP1, which is being used to broadcast live for the first time.

This is being used with a newly developed 17x twin zoom lens system.

Alongside this is a AG-3DA1 Camera Recorder, a side-by-side rig with two AK-HC1800 box cameras, six AV-HS450 Multi-format live switchers, P2 Mobile-Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player, BT-3DL2550 3D production monitors and BT-LH910 3D production monitors.


Speaking about the event, Laurent Abadie, Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe comments: "We are extremely excited to be able to fulfil the promise of live 3D TV in people's living rooms. We feel we have come a long way from last year, when we broadcast live to almost 3000 European retail stores, to now be delivering 3D directly to peoples' homes in over 17 countries as well as more than 7500 shops this year.

"Sporting events, especially like the prestigious French Tennis Open, offer a compelling 3D TV experience, so it is important that the industry strives to do more live 3D sport broadcasts to help drive the 3D market forward."

The French Open Tennis started 23 May and is set to last a fortnight. As of 24 May, Andy Murray is still in contention!

Marc Chacksfield

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