4K for £4K: Samsung's latest Ultra HD televisions arriving in UK this month

4K from £4K: Samsung's latest Ultra HD televisions arriving in UK this month
Samsung serving up more 4K sizes this month

Samsung has broadened its range of Ultra HD televisions available in the UK by confirming its 55-inch and 65-inch options will go on sale by the end of July.

The 55-inch UE55F9000 will be available for the relatively reasonable (emphasis on the relatively) price of £3,999, while the extra 10-inches offered by the 65-inch UE65F9000 pushes the price up for £5,999.

The pricing and screen size options set up a potential battle with Sony for the future of living room viewing, which has tagged its similarly sized offerings with like-minded RRPs.

The addition of 55 and 65-inch models complements Samsung's whopping 85-inch S9 set with the company claiming the new arrivals "strengthen its leadership in the UHD market with various sized TVs."

Anything else?

So, aside from a display resolution four times the size of a regular HD TV, what else can potential buyers expect from the next generation of Samsung tellies.

Well, the company promises four-step upscaling for SD and HD content, powered by a quad-core processor. Considering the current void of 4K content the upscaling tech should come in quite handy.

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Beyond that, Samsung's Smart TV platform is on board, complete with voice-powered content searches, while the 70W built-in speakers offer a "simulated surround sound" experience.

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