In pictures: Samsung S9 UHD 4K TV

In pictures: Samsung S9 UHD TV
Samsung brings ultra to high def

Samsung revealed its latest TV upgrade at CES 2013 this week, the ultra high-definition S9 UHD. This 4K Ultra High Definition television packs in a whole host of new features, all within a chassis that's different to pretty much all televisions on the market.

You can choose from a 85-inch or 110-inch screen – unfortunately, those living in flats may have to pass on this one – and the panels come with a frame that's been shaped like an artist's easel. This gives the television something of a lean-back look, which is eye-catching but probably not to everyone's tastes.

Samsung S9 UHD TV

Samsung believes in its design, though, saying the "timeless, premium design of the S9 raises the standards of luxury television design"

The TV does appear to be floating within its frame which is quite a feat, considering the size of the thing.

Samsung S9 UHD TV

Given that there isn't too much 4K content around, the Samsung S9 has a proprietary up-scaling engine can that can up-convert HD or Full-HD to UHD-level picture quality.

This is coupled with Samsung's Precision Black Pro technology, LED dimming and a "high" contrast ratio.

Inside the easel-like frame is a decent sound system for the S9 UHD. This comprises a three-way 2.2 channels of 120 watt sound, which is equivalent to six times better sound than a typical TV. Well, that's what Samsung is saying and until we get into our labs we will have to believe it.

Samsung S9 UHD TV

The S9 UHD also comes with the same quad-core chip that's in its top-end 2013 series of LED TVs – this will be updatable in the future too, thanks to the company's Smart Evolution chip upgrade kit. With the current quad-core you get the new Smart Hub with S-Recommendation, enhanced Voice Interaction and Gesture Control, as well as apps and social features.

Samsung S9 UHD TV

There's no Samsung S9 UHD release date or pricing as of yet, but we will be getting a closer look at the television this week so stay tuned for more information.

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