Samsung confirms Ultra HD TVs great and small for IFA 2013

Samsung confirms Ultra HD TVs great and small for IFA 2013
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Ultra HD TVs aren't going anywhere this year as Samsung confirms that IFA 2013 will play host to more in its range of 4K televisions.

At a pre-IFA 2013 event, the company said that there would be both larger and smaller versions of its Ultra HD S9000 televisions at the show.

At the moment, the S-Series Ultra HD line-up consists only of an 85-inch TV, which isn't much good to those of us who live in cramped conditions or don't have £35,000 burning a hole in our pockets.

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While we eagerly await a price-tag for an even bigger S9 - how high can you go, Samsung? - we're more interested in the smaller editions which may begin to approach living-room standards.

But even if they do, you'll struggle to find anything to actually watch in UHD as there isn't really anything out there yet - and industry standards are yet to be agreed on. While some films (including The Hobbit) have been filmed in 4K-quality and some games can take advantage of the tech, there's not really much worth spending tens of thousands of pounds or dollars on.

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That won't stop early adopters, billionaire moguls and celebrities though - and it won't stop us getting excited come September either.

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