Intel looks set to upgrade to Windows 7

Intel snubbed Vista but Windows 7 is a go
Intel snubbed Vista but Windows 7 is a go

Intel has announced that participants of its internal test of Windows 7 have voted overwhelmingly in favour of rolling out the new OS on company PCs.

One of the most crippling blows to the reputation of Windows Vista was the news that Intel would not be upgrading its own corporate PCs from Windows XP.

However, of 300 participants in its "The Value of PC Refresh with Microsoft Windows 7" study, 291 thought it would be an improvement to upgrade.

Intel is now looking to prepare a build of the forthcoming OS during 2009 and will begin to roll out Windows 7 in 2010.

Testing apps

"During 2009, we plan to continue preparing for deployment by creating a Microsoft Windows 7 build and by installing the OS on systems in test labs to enable business groups to test applications and perform any necessary remediation," said the report.

"In the first quarter of 2010, we plan to begin deployment of Microsoft Windows 7 on new PCs with Intel vPro technology as part of our established refresh cycle.

"We intend to roll out the new PCs to segments of our user community based on factors including their job role and application requirements."

It's not a shock, by any means, but after the snub to Vista from one of Microsoft's old allies, many in Redmond will be breathing a sigh of relief that Intel will be adopting Windows 7.

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