Imminent Windows 10 preview rumored to add new core apps

Windows 10

Speculation points to a new Redstone 2 (RS2) build of Windows 10 pitching up later this week complete with new features for testers to play with.

This nugget of info comes from the Core Insider Program Twitter account, and while that's not an official Microsoft source, it has been right about things in the past.

As WinBeta spotted, said Twitter account posted that build 14910.1001 would be pushed out "later this week" – and then added a teaser, namely: "did anyone say more system apps?"

Pinch of the white stuff

So, it seems we could see some new built-in apps and fresh features imminently, although exactly what these might be is obviously not clear, and as ever, you need your salt shaker handy.

Particularly as this speculation does run contrary to what we've previously heard – that the early builds of RS2 wouldn't have any noticeable changes or new features, as Redmond is mostly tinkering with the underlying architecture of the OS at this point.

Still, we can but hope, as obviously new features are the juicy stuff which Windows Insiders really want to explore. It's definitely believable that we'll see a new RS2 build this week anyway, so we guess we'll find out soon enough whether or not new system apps are part of the package.

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