Analyst: Windows 8 experiencing 'little life' ahead of launch

Windows 8 to launch with low expectations
Windows 8 to launch with low expectations

Microsoft's Windows 8 goes on sale at the end of next week, but even if the company works "eight days a week" to promote its new operating system, expectations remain low.

"The sentiment around Windows 8 was overwhelmingly negative during our trip as the supply chain is experiencing little life ahead of the Oct. 26 launch," said Brian White, Topeka Capital analyst, to Business Insider after traveling to Asia.

This is despite the fact that the analyst described October and November as "the sweet spot" for notebooks running Windows 8.

Worse, White said that he spoke to a contact who doesn't expect Windows 8 to be material until midway through 2013.

All out W8 assault

The muted response from Asian supply chain facilities hasn't blunted Microsoft's commitment to Windows 8, however.

In fact, the company is spending $1.5 billion to $1.8 billion (UK£1.1, AU$1.46) to promote the new operating system. This represents the largest marketing campaign in tech history.

Microsoft is also generating buzz by opening up Windows 8 pre-orders a week early, allowing customers to buy the OS this week, with or without hardware.

Then there's the Microsoft Surface. The company is scheduled to launch the convertible tablet PC with a Windows RT variant of its new operating system on the same day as Windows 8.

With PC shipments down and consumer's attention on the mobile sector, Surface may represent a new direction for Microsoft to get the Windows 8 platform in everyone's hands.

Whether that, and its other marketing strategies, pays off is yet to be seen.

Via Business Insider

Matt Swider