Small NBN providers clean up in Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards for 2022

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Can’t decide on an NBN plan? Our colleagues over at Mozo have recently named the winners of the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Broadband 2022, and some of the finalists may surprise you (spoiler: Telstra and Optus don’t even get a look in).

Instead, Mozo’s analysis has shown that smaller providers are the real winners in the home internet space, with little-known (and Australian-owned) NBN provider Flip taking out the title for Broadband Provider of the Year.

Flip was able to secure Broadband Provider of the Year by taking wins in three different categories for Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards (those categories were NBN 100/20, NBN 100/40 and NBN 250).

While Flip doesn’t offer the top typical evening speeds in any of these tiers, only reaching 86Mbps on its NBN 100 plans, and a more impressive 236Mbps for its NBN 250 plans, its real edge lies in its competitive pricing. Even in categories where Flip didn't win, Mozo says that the provider's pricing still offers great value.

Who else won?

Mozo’s research awarded several winners in most NBN speed tiers, ranging from NBN 25 for those with modest internet needs right up to NBN 1000 for those who want lightning-fast broadband.

The most popular plan option in Australia is the NBN 50 tier, and most users will be well-served by one of these plans. The winners in this category included Exetel, Internode, Occom, Tomi and Vocal – if you’re thinking of switching providers, here are some of these winners available via WhistleOut:

If you’ve got a busy household with lots of internet usage, you might be better served by an NBN 100 plan. This tier comes in two variations – NBN 100/20 and NBN 100/40 – with the first number indicating download speeds and the second showing upload speeds. Head to Mozo for a full list of the winners in these categories, or see some below:

At the higher end of the speed spectrum are NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans, and less ISPs managed to win in these categories. Just four providers (Flip, Mate, MyRepublic and Tangerine) claimed a win in the NBN 250 category, while only MyRepublic got a mention in the top NBN 1000 category. MyRepublic offers a typical evening speed of 350Mbps for its NBN 1000 plan.

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