Australia, these are your favourite NBN and mobile phone providers

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Each year, TechRadar's sister site Mozo gives us a look into the Australian public's favourite companies across a variety of categories, and the 2022 Mozo People's Choice Awards have some interesting results when it comes to NBN plans and mobile phone plans.

While you may expect the likes of Telstra or Optus to dominate on this front, the biggest Aussie telcos are nowhere to be seen. Instead, smaller companies like Aussie Broadband, Belong, Amaysim and Aldi Mobile have cleaned up across the board.

Australia's favourite NBN providers

Looking at the Mozo People's Choice Awards for Broadband 2022, it's clear that Australia is smitten with Aussie Broadband. The provider gets a spot in all four categories – connection quality, excellent service & support, most recommended, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Honourable mentions go to Belong for its connection quality, and to Internode for both its support and overall customer satisfaction. If you think it's time for a change in your NBN provider, check out some of the below NBN 50 plans:

Australia's favourite mobile providers

While the NBN awards had a clear winner, much of the love in Mozo People's Choice Awards for Mobile Phone Plans 2022 is spread across three providers – Aldi Mobile, Belong and Amaysim.

All three of these companies scored in every category, meaning they offer the clearest billing, network reliability, outstanding customer satisfaction, value for money and are the most recommended overall.

Boost Mobile is another provider worth mentioning, having cleaned up in three of these categories, while Kogan Mobile won an award for its value for money. If your current plan isn't cutting it, check out these offers below.

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