Skyrim PSVR bundle launches with upgraded HDR-passthrough headset

Fans of The Elder Scrolls aren’t short of routes into the world of Skyrim and come November 17 there’ll be one more: PlayStation VR. Given that it’s sure to be a headset-selling title, Sony has announced it’ll be releasing a PSVR and Skyrim VR bundle.

As well as Skyrim VR, all of its DLC, the PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move controllers, the bundle will include the brand new PSVR model that was first revealed last month.

The new PSVR model is largely similar to the first iteration, even down to its price, but it does have some small design improvements. 

Old game, new tricks

These include an integrated stereo headset and an HDR-passthrough unit which will allow users to watch HDR-compatible content via their PS4 on TV without having to disconnect the external Processor Unit between the PS4 and TV. Unfortunately, Dragonborn helmet horns will have to be created and fitted independently.

Until now, the majority of VR games have been rather short in terms of length but Skyrim VR is the full open-world Skyrim adventure you’ll find on any other platform. It’s worth noting that while the game can be played using the bundled Move controllers, it’s also possible to play using the standard DualShock 4. 

Given that its open-ended structure makes it easy to dip in and out of Skyrim as you please, it’ll be interesting to see if players will now want to spend longer in their headsets or whether comfort will become a more prominent issue. 

Now that more lengthy titles such as Doom and Fallout are also coming to VR it's actually very possible we could see hardware improvements come at a faster pace.

The bundle will launch alongside the game on November 17 for $449.99, though it's possible to pre-order from now. 

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Emma Boyle

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