Sick of lame livestreaming? AMD is here to help

Last year, AMD reinvented its software platform and promised to introduce new versions every year. Today the chip manufacturer is making good on that promise with Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition. 

While Crimson dramatically compressed AMD’s software platform into a single all-encompassing hub, ReLive is focused on adding to that foundation with new features. The most prominent addition will allow users to easily stream their gameplay on Twitch, Steam, YouTube, and more Asia-specific web video networks.

ReLive also introduces an in-app toolbar with convenient one-click controls to record, stream and screenshot. Without any user input, the app also automatically records up to an hour of replay at all times. Best of all it requires no registration unlike the latest version of Nvidia GeForce Experience app.

Performance boosts

AMD promises Radeon Chill will help reduce the energy footprint of GPUs by up to 31% while lowering the average temperature of graphics cards by 13%. Chill does this by introducing more GPU idle times while shifting the focus from producing as many frames as possible to delivering more of them in synchronicity.

AMD claims this process produces a quicker response time and reduces the average time it takes for the GPU to deliver a frame to the display by 32%.

On the opposite end of the power scale, AMD is extending its overclocking WattMan support to older GPUs including the popular Radeon R9 Fury and the R9 390. AMD XConnect is a completely new feature that allows users to connect PC systems to an external GPU enclosure over Thunderbolt.

There have also been a number of smaller user interface changes, including a simplified software installer, an added upgrade advisor and a new portal for leaving user feedback.

Linux users will also be happy to hear that AMD is rolling out Linux drivers for Radeon Software that will not only offer expanded support for AMD graphics cards, but also introduce FreeSync on the open-source OS.

Leave it to the professionals

Beyond gaming, ReLive also brings features designed for professionals and the enterprise space into the fold with Radeon Pro Software.

Just a few things it includes are a ProRender physically-based rendering engine, game engine integration, LiquidVR and VR workflows with professional applications. IT departments will be keen to hear AMD plans to roll out quarterly feature, performance and stability improvements over the coming years.

And just like on the consumer side, professionals will be able to share a stream of their workflow in Adobe Premier and other production software.

AMD Radeon Pro and Radeon Crimson ReLive is available now.  

Kevin Lee

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