See how much sharper Project Scorpio games could look, even without 4K

As E3 2017 fast approaches and its holiday release date not far behind, we're itching to know more about Microsoft's 4K-ready Project Scorpio, especially how it will make our games look with its powered-up graphics.

Thankfully, we might have our first taste of Project Scorpio's capabilities, as screenshots courtesy of Windows Central show us exactly what that extra juice in Microsoft's mystery console can do for game visuals compared to the currently available Xbox One.

The screenshots not only show how a game running on both machines might differ but also compare Project Scorpio's performance on an HD display, for those who haven't yet invested in a 4K TV.

The first image below shows a tech demo running on a standard Xbox One on an HD resolution of 1080p. In the next shot, the same tech demo is on Project Scorpio hardware at native 4K. Finally, the shot is run again on Project Scorpio, but at 1080p.

Looking at details like hair, the dirt on the woman's cheek, and elements in the background, there seems to be a noticeable improvement from Project Scorpio, especially at a 4K resolution. 

Even better, we see a graphical improvement on Project Scorpio even at a lower resolution, which could mean the beefed-up console may make games look better without having to also spring for a brand-new 4K display.

You can compare the three images side-by-side in the shot below, with the 1080p Xbox One on the left, 1080p Project Scorpio in the center, and 4K Project Scorpio on the right.

Image Credit: Windows Central

Image Credit: Windows Central (Image credit: Windows Central)

It's also worth noting that, at least in theory, Project Scorpio's six teraflop GPU will do more than bump up resolution.

In addition to higher resolution textures, better graphical processing power tends to also mean smoother frame rates, faster load times, and better particle effects, even if the display it's running on isn't 4K.

That said, it's all too soon to tell if Project Scorpio is the all-powerful technical marvel for the hardcore crowd Microsoft makes it out to be, but definitely color us interested in learning (and seeing) more in the following months.

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