Samsung's new wireless pad will charge your Note 9 and your Galaxy Watch

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August 9 should be quite the day for Samsung fans, because we're expecting the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 and very possibly a Galaxy Watch as well. Now there's a new leak of a Wireless Charger Duo pad that shows how both devices can be charged up wirelessly.

Courtesy of seasoned tipster Roland Quandt on Twitter (via accessory retailer MobileFun) we have a full and clear look at the Wireless Charger Duo. The packaging states the pad will support "fast charging" for two phones at once (no doubt older Galaxy models will be supported too), or for your phone with the Galaxy Watch.

Sound familiar? Apple unveiled something along these lines last September with the most recent batch of iPhones, a mat that could charge up your phone, your Apple Watch and your AirPods at the same time. However, we're still waiting for it to arrive.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo (Credit: @rquandt)

Samsung will no doubt be delighted to get in ahead of Apple with a multi-device wireless charging pad of its own, though of course we don't know yet when it's actually going to ship. We'll be at Samsung's August 9 event to get all of these details for you first-hand.

As far as the new Note 9 goes, the star of the show is said to be the accompanying S Pen, which has been tipped for a serious upgrade this time around. With the help of Bluetooth support, the stylus is going to be able to control your music, operate the phone camera remotely, and maybe even take audio notes, according to reports.

You can also consider the wireless charger packaging leak as confirmation that Galaxy Watch has replaced Galaxy Gear S4 as the name of Samsung's next smartwatch. One of the remaining questions is whether it will come running Tizen or Wear OS.

Via SamMobile

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