Samsung's entry-level Galaxy Note 20 may use a 'basic' 1080p/60Hz display again

(Image credit: Future)

With Samsung expected to launch its new Galaxy Note 20 range at an upcoming virtual event in August, rumors have started pouring in regarding the company's most premium smartphone offering, and what it might entail.

The latest piece of gossip comes from noted Twitter leaker Ice universe, who offers some supposed details about the entry-level Note 20's display, along with a less-than-rosy opinion about it.

Referring to it as a "desperate specification", the leaker suggests Samsung's standard Galaxy Note 20 will follow the same approach as last year's standard Galaxy Note 10, in that it will once again feature a FHD+ display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

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The rumor does spotlight one one key difference, however, in that it claims Samsung will drop the curved glass design featured in its last few Note handsets in favor of a flatter Galaxy S20-style screen.

While its rumored 1080p resolution is easy enough to believe (the device will surely be smaller than the expected Galaxy Note 20 Plus), the notion that Samsung would keep an outdated 60Hz display in its next 2020 flagship seems far less likely – especially as every model in this year's Galaxy S20 range featured a 120Hz display.

As for the apparent move towards a flatter screen, this seems entirely plausible, seeing as Samsung already made the change on its Galaxy S20 lineup, possibly in an attempt to please vocal Infinity Display detractors in the Android community (not that it helped with sales).

Of course, the details above are far from concrete, meaning we'll have to wait until Samsung's August 5 event for confirmed Galaxy Note 20 specs.

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