The Samsung S20 trio has been discontinued now the Galaxy S21 is here

Samsung Galaxy S20
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Despite not even being a year old yet, the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and Ultra have been discontinued in select regions thanks to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 range.

Retailers across both the US and the UK have thrown up their out of stock signs and a lot of those still selling it are down to low stock. In both regions, the Samsung website is showing out of stock and so is Verizon, Best Buy and, a popular UK retailer, has posted the message "The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is now discontinued." across all three devices.

While the discontinuation of handsets is common practice in the phone world, it rarely happens as soon as this. Older devices tend to get kicked out around two years after their launch, even longer for popular handsets, but the S20 didn't even manage to make it past the year mark.

Why was the Samsung Galaxy S20 discontinued?

This could well be down to the device's unexpected unpopularity. Sales started slow and never really picked up like Samsung's previous devices did. Now with the Samsung Galaxy S21 range available at a reduced price compared to the S20, the Korean phone giant could be looking for a fresh start.

When asked about the removal of the Samsung Galaxy S20 devices, Samsung responded "Samsung will continue to sell the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Availability of the full Galaxy S20 line will vary by region."

This means those who aren't quite ready to jump up to 2021 prices can find a safe haven in Samsung Galaxy S20 FE deals - a device that seems to keep getting cheaper.

Can you still buy the Samsung S20 range?

Surprisingly...yes. All three handsets are still available in a multitude of ways and even when retailers finally run out of stock, refurbished models will be out there at considerably lower prices.

For now, there still seems to be plenty of stock. In the UK contracts don't seem to have been affected yet and are still readily available while stock dries up. The same goes for the US with the likes of AT&T and Sprint still holding on to bits of stock.

Considering it was Samsung's most recent S series device until this week, we would imagine there will still be a few weeks until it is completely gone.

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