Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leaked renders show it off in a rainbow of colors

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
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New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 renders give us our first potential look at the back of the upcoming clamshell foldable phone, as well as which color schemes it could come in. 

The news also comes with a possible Z Flip 3 release date of August 3, affirming prior rumors of a big Samsung Unpacked event on that date, as well as a US price tag of $1,400 (around £1,010 / AU$1,865). That’s slightly below the cost of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, which had a launch price of $1,449 / £1,399 / AU$2,599.

Rumors of the Samsung Z Flip 3 have trickled out, but aside from fuzzy screenshots and a leaked press mock-up, we haven’t had much in the way of a good look at the follow-up to the Z Flip 5G (which is, presumably, the Z Flip 2 in all but name). The renders come courtesy of GizNext, which purport to show images of what the clamshell foldable will look like:

Per these renders, the Z Flip 3 won’t look too different from its predecessors aside from a larger external display – which GizNext reports to be 1.9 inches, up from the 1.1-inch screen on its predecessors. The foldable also gets a bigger pair of main cameras, aligned vertically beside the display. The new renders show a bit more of the outer screen’s range, like media controls while playing audio, implying it will be a touchscreen. 

The render leak also shows what colors the clamshell will come in: a forest-hued dark green, a light violet, a beige that looks more pastel yellow, and traditional black, though the GizNext post also suggests it will come in pink, grey, dark blue, and white. The images imply that all models will have a two-toned look, with the outer display and cameras encased in a solid, glossy black glass rectangle.

Galaxy Z Flip 3: the same-size phone with a few improvements

As expected, rumors disagree on some aspects of the new phone – for instance, a leak suggested the external screen would be 3 inches, which would be much larger than the 1.9-inch estimation of the GizNext leak.

There are other exciting rumors, too, like one suggesting the Z Flip 3 could work with the multi-device Samsung S Pen stylus, which we just heard could be coming to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 traditional foldable as well. Given the main display isn’t too large – purportedly the same 6.9-inch, super thin 25:9 ratio screen as its predecessor, per GizNext – we don’t know how useful it would be to make the phone compatible with the accessory, but it’s exciting to hear nonetheless.

In any case, we’ll likely hear more about how the foldable is shaping up as the rumored August release window nears, and get a clearer idea of how the device will improve on its predecessors and stay appealing in 2021.

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