Samsung Galaxy S8 Active jogs into view in leaked photo

Though it’s tipped to be a rugged, waterproof smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has leaked.

For the past few years, Samsung has released a tougher version of its flagship that is primed for whatever you or nature has to throw at it. And though it has seen very limited release via AT&T in the US, it looks like Samsung is gearing up for another entry in its Active lineup.

As others have pointed out, the smartphone shown off in this leak closely resembles the LG G6, injecting a small, but noticeable sliver of black into the S8’s bezel-free sides. This small design change is rather significant, indicating that either its “edge” capabilities might be gone or the curved glass effect just simply won’t be present.

Credit: WirelessPowerCorsortium

Looking back, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active bears almost no resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S7, though it packed in some sought after features that were missing in the flagship, like a larger battery and a chassis that won’t break from a fall or even a toss.

If this leak is true, it appears that Samsung doesn’t want its Active lineup to stray too far away from the best-in-class design found in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Given this effort, here’s to hoping that the S8 Active appears in more places than for just one carrier in the US. 

Cameron Faulkner

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