Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra leaked poster shows a Galaxy Note design feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Image credit: Aakash Jhaveri)

Every time the Samsung Galaxy S22 leaks out, we expect there's nothing more to know, then another leak comes along with even more details - that's just happened again, with the Ultra phone being the one we're focusing on.

This comes from reliable leaker Evan Blass, who acquired marketing material from Samsung's Italian website. There's imagery for all four phones, and while the S22 and S22 Plus pictures don't show anything we didn't already know, it's a different story for the Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra pictures show it in use with a stylus and, in a leak first, also show us where that stylus could go when you're not using it. Just note, Blass' account is private, so you can only see the images if you're a follower.

In previous Samsung stylus phones like the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the S Pen was stored in a compartment in the body of the phone, but with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also had stylus compatibility, there was no such hole.

It seems like the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a slot to store the S Pen stylus though, in the bottom edge of the device next to its USB-C slot - so you won't have to holster it in your phone case or pocket.

Analysis: This really is a Note phone

Though the Galaxy S21 Ultra worked some way to fill that Galaxy Note-shaped hole in people's hearts, it most certainly wasn't a Note device itself, with no special stylus features and no way to store the stick in the mobile's body.

That doesn't seem to be the case with the S22 Ultra though, as not only do the marketing images show space for the stylus, but they hint towards special features for the S Pen too, with one picture showing a video editing timeline alongside the stick.

Early rumors suggested the top-end member of the S22 line would be called the Galaxy S22 Note, and while the new marketing images clearly call it the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it's still clearly built with fans of the Note series in mind.

So, a year and a half after we last saw a Galaxy Note phone, we're finally getting a new phone in all but name.

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