Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be out of stock for months

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

If you’re thinking of buying the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra then it might be worth making a decision as soon as it goes up for pre-order, because the phone could be in short supply.

That’s according to South Korean leaker Dohyun Kim, who tweeted that buyers might be waiting up to three months for their phone to be delivered. That’s because apparently Samsung is expecting the S22 Ultra to be in extremely high demand, massively outstripping the company’s initial supply of the handset.

You might be skeptical that such a premium phone would prove that desirable, but consider that it could appeal to fans of both the Ultra range and the Note range if the rumors surrounding its Note-like design are accurate, and that’s a lot of people.

That said, Kim doesn’t sound certain that the supply problems will be quite as bad as their tweet suggested, noting that delivery will only take three months “if bad.”

Even if the delay isn’t that long though, some amount of delay is probably likely for some buyers if Kim’s information is right. Though they don’t have much of a track record yet, so we’d take this with a pinch of salt anyway.

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Opinion: stock shortages are likely

Given the ongoing chipset shortage – a situation that may have contributed to the cancellation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 and the delay of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE – it’s entirely possible that Samsung hasn’t been able to build as many Galaxy S22 range units as it would have liked, and that ongoing supply could be hampered.

So supply shortages for any or all models in the range were always a distinct possibility, especially as the Samsung Galaxy S22 range is likely to include the most popular Android phones of 2022.

Whether the Galaxy S22 Ultra in particular will struggle largely depends on how many units of that Samsung has built, and we can’t really comment on that beyond what the source above has said.

But the upshot is that if you’re after any phone in the range, it’s probably worth getting your order in fast once you’re able, or resigning yourself to a potentially very long wait.

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