Samsung Galaxy S22 range could be more expensive than we’d expected

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
A Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus (Image credit: Future)

Leaks suggest that – with the possible exception of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – the Samsung Galaxy S22 range won’t be drastically different to the Galaxy S21 range, so we’d assumed pricing would be similar. But the latest leak points to higher pricing for every model.

This is according to @chunvn8888 (a leaker who doesn’t have as much of a track record as some, so we’d take this with an extra helping of salt).

They claim that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will start at $899 (around £660 / AU$1,245), the Galaxy S22 Plus will start at $1,099 (roughly £805 / AU$1,525), and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will start at $1,299 (approximately £955 / AU$1,800).

In every case that’s $100 more than the equivalent model in the Samsung Galaxy S21 range cost, so it’s quite a jump in price.

Of course, beyond the fact that this leaker could be wrong, there’s the usual caveat that price conversions for other regions won’t be totally accurate, but it suggests there will be a jump in price everywhere.

And so far the only other real price leak (which only listed them in euros) also suggests these phones will be more expensive. So sadly that’s looking likely.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

The S22 Ultra could be a very different phone to the S21 Ultra (Image credit: Future)

Analysis: making sense of the higher prices

Assuming these prices are accurate, it’s worth considering whether Samsung can justify them, and to some extent it perhaps can.

Going by leaks and rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a very different beast to its predecessor, complete with an included S Pen and a slot to house it. This could feasibly add to the price.

For the standard Samsung Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Plus the higher price looks harder to justify, but we have heard that Samsung might switch back from plastic to glass for the rear of the Galaxy S22, which is likely to add at least a little to the cost. 

The increase would also make the $699 / £699 / AU$999 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE feel more affordable in comparison.

That still leaves the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, which is sure to have the standard upgrades like a new chipset and probably an improved camera, but which no leaks point to price-wise worthy change in.

That said, Samsung’s main competitor here is the iPhone – including the upcoming iPhone 14 range, and a recent leak suggests that this could be getting a price rise too, at least for the Pro models.

That would bring the iPhone 14 Pro in line with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus if both leaks are right, and that doesn’t seem an unreasonable position for the two phones. But it's bad news for buyers all round.

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