150-photo Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra test: 100x zoom, 108MP camera, 40MP selfies

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera is excellent when zoomed in, even if the 100x 'Space Zoom' won't exactly be your next prized Instagram photo. But what happens when shadows creep in? At 30x and 100x zoom, things do get blurrier, but so do the 10x zoom ranges of Samsung's top phone competitors.

Note: You can set most of the photos sets to 10x zoom and scroll down to see the differences, though both the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 3a max out at an 8x zoom. Every other phone maxes out at 10x zoom, except for the S20 Ultra that goes to 100x and also has a 30x preset in the UI.

The comparison photos (those photos with the slider bar tool) are set to compare shots at the 1x (meaning no zoom) level.

Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x 'Space Zoom' at night

Galaxy S20 chief competitors at night

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Google Pixel 4

S20 Ultra vs last year's big Samsung phones 

Galaxy S10

Galaxy Note 10 Plus

S20 Ultra vs much cheaper phones

OnePlus 7 Pro

Google Pixel 3a

Now onto the Galaxy S20 Ultra 'Live Focus' mode, which is Samsung calls its portrait mode, and more comparisons to tell how Samsung's new phone stacks up to its competitors.

Matt Swider