Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite design may have just been revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite could look a lot like the S10 Plus, above (Image credit: Future)

We’re hearing more and more rumors that Samsung might be working on a Galaxy S10 Lite or Galaxy S11 Lite, but we hadn’t actually seen what the phone might look like. That is, until now.

A patent filed by Samsung with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) shows a smartphone that looks like a cross between the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S9 Plus.

On the front there’s a dual-lens camera in a punch-hole, and an otherwise almost all-screen design, much like the S10 Plus. While around the back there’s a dual-lens camera positioned vertically near the center, much like the Galaxy S9 Plus. Though notably unlike that phone there’s no rear fingerprint scanner, suggesting it’s probably built into the screen.

(Image credit: Samsung / AllAboutSamsung)

But while this phone’s similarity to other Galaxy S models would make it an ideal fit for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, there’s no guarantee that it is.

For one thing, patents very often don’t become products, so this could be a smartphone design that Samsung never makes. And even if a phone with this design does get made, it might end up being something outside the Galaxy S range.

The design here is also at odds with some of the specs we’ve heard rumored for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, which include a triple-lens rear camera and a single-lens front-facing one.

With all that in mind we’d take these sketches with a serious side of salt. But hopefully we’ll have a better idea of the Galaxy S10 Lite’s design soon, as it (or the Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite) has been heavily rumored, so we’d expect it to break cover before long.

Via AllAboutSamsung and SamMobile

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