Samsung Galaxy Buds Live leaks show three colors and hint at noise cancellation

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. (Image credit: Future)

Samsung appears to be preparing a plethora of new devices for its August 5 Unpacked event, but the truly wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earbuds could be here even sooner – and the latest leaks give us a new look at them.

Courtesy of reliable tipster WalkingCat (@h0x0d) on Twitter, there's a new video and a couple of interesting promo images that tell us a little bit more about the successors to the Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Buds Plus.

The video shows off the Galaxy Buds Live in three different colors, and hints that active noise cancellation could be on the cards for these little bean-shaped earbuds – going off that "keep the noise out" message at the end.

We've seen the white, black and bronze colors in previous leaks, and noise-cancelling capabilities has been hinted at before as well. We were disappointed the tech wasn't in the Galaxy Buds Plus, so we're hoping to see it this time.

The first picture from the new batch of leaks shows the earbuds from both sides, and you can see the built-in microphones and speakers that we're assuming will combine to block out the noise of the surrounding environment.

As for the second picture, it shows the Galaxy Buds Live actually being worn, and it looks like a snug fit. The revamped design won't suit everyone, but it does at least offer something a little different to the standard truly wireless earbuds form factor.

Samsung itself has been trying to drum up a bit of hype around the launch of the earbuds, posting its own video to Twitter. We don't get a look at the Galaxy Buds Live themselves though, just a hint that they're coming and will prioritize audio quality.

That new Samsung video does mention the August 5 event specifically though, countering previous rumors that the Galaxy Buds Live would turn up earlier, in July. It seems the truly wireless earbuds might launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20 after all.

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