Samsung could be about to launch a Galaxy Fit E fitness band

Lately we’ve been hearing rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Sport – or Galaxy Watch Active as it might be called – but this might not be the company’s only upcoming fitness wearable, as we’ve now seen mention of a Samsung Galaxy Fit E.

That name appeared in a Bluetooth certification listing spotted by The Android Soul. There’s no other useful information attached, beyond a description calling it a ‘Smart Wearable Device’, but from the name it sounds like this could be the successor to the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro. In other words, it could be the Samsung Gear Fit 3 in all but name.

The Gear Fit 2 Pro landed over a year ago, so we’re due a new model, but there’s no news yet on exactly when it would land.

Credit: The Android Soul / Bluetooth SIG

Credit: The Android Soul / Bluetooth SIG

Probably coming soon...ish

The existence of a Bluetooth listing suggests the Galaxy Fit E could be coming soon, but we haven’t heard anything else about it yet, which we’d expect to have if the launch was imminent.

Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S10 range on February 20 and the Galaxy Sport may well land then too. There’s a chance then that this is also where we’ll see the Gear Fit E, but with so little news on it that might be a bit early.

Whenever it arrives, it’s likely to slot in below the Samsung Galaxy Sport in terms of both price and features, offering more of a fitness band experience than a full smartwatch.

James Rogerson

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