Realme GT successor could be a foldable phone

Realme GT
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There are far more rumored foldable phones than actually-launched ones, and another mobile is joining that list of prospective devices: apparently Realme is working on a flexing handset that could actually function as a follow-up to the Realme GT.

This news comes from 91Mobiles, which supposedly received leaked sketches of the upcoming device with detailed specs - it's not clear where the website got these images from, but they look like early design images, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

We can look to the pictures and specs to get an early view of the Realme GT 2 Fold, as the picture calls it. Judging by the sketches, the Fold will have a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 style form factor, meaning it'll open out like a book to give you a wide screen when you want it.

The specs say the phone will have an 8-inch main screen and a 6.5-inch cover screen for when the device is folded, which makes it bigger than the 7.6- and 6.2-inch Z Fold 3.

The only other specs listed are two 50MP rear cameras, though the sketch shows room for a third one.

Other details we can see in the images include a cut-out in the main display for a front camera, what looks like a fingerprint scanner (but could also be a catch to open the phone) and a USB-C port. We'll wait for more information on this phone.

Analysis: what's in a name?

The sketches are clearly marked 'Realme GT 2 Fold', so this could be the successor to the Realme GT. There's been no second-gen model of that device yet, despite the launch of the similarly-named Realme GT Neo 2.

So will the Realme GT's successor be a foldable phone? Well it would make sense, especially given that Realme recently confirmed it would be pushing into the premium market segment.

What seems more likely, though is that this new foldable will launch alongside the Realme GT's successor, as a top-end alternative to the mid-range phone. Otherwise, Realme would be moving its phone line from mid-price to top-tier after just one generation, and that doesn't make sense to us.

We'll have to wait and see for sure, though, and we're expecting to see the new phones in mid-2022, so we have some time to wait before the Realme GT 2 series shows up. Perhaps rumors will crop up in the meantime to fill in some blanks.

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