Rainbow Six Siege now has more than 70 million players

Rainbow Six Siege
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Popular multiplayer first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft has been one of its biggest success stories. Though the game started off slow, it picked up later and within about a year, it has become a roaring success.  

And now it seems like the player count of Rainbow Six Siege has gone beyond the  70 million player mark. This is up from 60 million players from less than a year ago, which shows an increasing interest in the game. 

According to a financial report from Ubisoft, the intermittent free weekends and other such promotional events have worked to rope in the players in the game. Previously Ubisoft had announced that Rainbow Six Siege reached 20 million in August 2017, 25 million in February 2018, 30 million in April 2018. And on to 35 million at E3 and 40 million in October 2018. It was upped to 50 million in September 2019, 55 million in February 2020, and 60 million in May 2020. 

Even on Steam the game peaked in terms of player count in February 2020 and then in March 2020, and these were the biggest numbers since 2018. The game ranks among the top 10 in terms of the games with highest player count. 

The last big update to the game saw the introduction of Operation Neon Dawn brings the new operator Aruni who is from Thailand along with a reworked Skyscraper map, and changes made to Jager, Hibana and Echo.

Aruni’s special gadget is the Surya Gate which is essentially an unbreakable laser net that can be attached to doors, windows as well as soft walls. The Skyscraper map has been released after a rework to balance gameplay and enhance navigation. 

Aruni is the first defender to get a DMR which is the Mk 14 EBR, she also has the option to wield the P10 Roni. Her secondaries include only the PRB92 handgun and gadgets include either the proximity alarm or the barbed wire. She is two speed, two armor operator.


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