PUBG will finally target 60fps on consoles – but there’s a catch

PUBG 60fps consoles
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It’s been four years since PUBG first released on consoles, but fans of the battle royale title will finally be able to experience the game at 60fps – if you own an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, that is.

Update 9.1 promises to substantially change the ‘Framerate Priority’ mode for the better on the enhanced consoles, by lifting the 30fps frame cap and dropping the resolution to 1080p. It means that the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro will target 60fps, which should provide a smoother and more responsive experience for players.

While the 60fps option is only available on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, likely due to their increase in power, developer PUBG Corp is exploring whether they can lift the frame cap on the base consoles, too. 

Whether the framerate will be able to hit 60fps is another question entirely, as PUBG isn't renowned for its performance, but it should mean that the game will comfortably reach this target when played via backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X and PS5.

PUBG Corp made the announcement in its patch notes for console update 9.1, which adds a new dynamic map called Paramo to the game. Paramo takes place on an active volcano, so the layout of each match promises to be different each time you drop in. You’ll also need to avoid molten hot lava, or risk being burnt to a cinder.

Update 9.1 will also thankfully reduce the bot ratio, which has arguably spoiled the game for many. Now bots will only be added if there aren't enough human players in a lobby, instead of simply topping up the total once a certain number has been reached. Hopefully this means that more games will only feature a handful of bots, which hasn't often been the case.

Drop in

A new Survivor Pass is also on the way for PUBG which centers around the new map. With 50 levels of rewards for players to grind through before the time runs out, there’s plenty of skins and unlockables to obtain. Oh, and you can finally play Ranked Mode solo instead of needing a full squad, perfect for those who prefer to go it alone. 

Update 9.1 has just hit the PUBG public test servers, which you can access from either the PlayStation or Microsoft Store, but it should make its way to live servers on October 29. The update will also roll out for Stadia users at this time. 

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