PUBG Mobile’s next update will bring the mother of all maps

(Image credit: Powerbang Gaming)

PUBG Mobile partnered with a YouTuber to showcase an exclusive preview of the upcoming map, which will be the biggest update yet to the game.

Historically, PUBG has always brought new features and weapons to its PC/console games first, before making their way to the mobile version with the next major update. However, for the first time ever, it seems like PUBG Mobile will be the first to get this new upcoming map. YouTuber Powerbang Gaming got an early preview of the game to showcase the new changes.

It needs to be noted that the unnamed map is currently in beta, and could change when it actually rolls out. There are a ton of new environmental features too, which will have to be fine-tuned. It is available in a closed beta only, with a build number of 0.19. PUBG Mobile did share a rather cryptic clue with us last week, which now seems to be another teaser of the upcoming overhaul.

The teaser shared by PUBG Mobile with us, with the message "Join us at the Gamer's Cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while we break new ground" (Image credit: PUBG)

The map is currently labelled as “Secretmap Beta”, but will get a more conventional name in the final version. It is significantly smaller than the other regions, spanning just 2km x 2km. Most interestingly, it looks like a combination of the four current maps — Miramar’s desert, Vikendi’s tundra, Sanhok’s forests and water bodies and Erangel’s grasslands. A new style of houses can also be seen, with some locations having weapon crates with regular weapons but with all the attachments.

The new map (Image credit: Powerbang Gaming)

Not just that, additional environmental features have also been added, including a waterfall. Swimming against the stream will reveal treasure chests, which will presumably be filled with loot in the final version. Considering the smaller size of the map, the loot is also very concentrated.

The treasure chest under the waterfall

The treasure chest under the waterfall (Image credit: Powerbang Gaming)

Gameplay changes include a new enemy marking feature, where as soon as an enemy is cleared spotted, they are marked (similar to “Enemies ahead!”) and tracked till they die. While landing from the plane, the vague altitude bar is replaced by a new altimeter which shows exact distance to the ground.

Two new weapons were also spotted in this beta PUBG Mobile game. The P90 SMG now makes its way to the classic mode, with a 50-bullet mag size. The SPAS shotgun has also been added which seemed to be suppressed by default. It’s unclear if these weapons will be exclusive to this map.

The new monster truck!

The new monster truck! (Image credit: Powerbang Gaming)

Perhaps the most fun addition is the new driveable monster truck. As expected, it can ride over all sorts of terrain and potholes and over other vehicles too. They could be rarer than the other vehicles on the map. Vehicles can also be found on the spawn island now, before the match starts.

No timeline for the official rollout was mentioned. PUBG seems to be in the early testing phase as many features will be added for the first time. Some may not even make it to the final game, but knowing its track record, it is more likely that they well. Along with this, we also expect the overhauled Vikendi map with trains to be added in the future PUBG Mobile updates.

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