PSP owners beware: you might want to check your PlayStation Portable battery

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You might want to dig out your old PSP, as some owners are reporting that the system’s aging lithium battery is showing signs of swelling, leaking and might even be prone to bursting.

Various photographs have shown that a number of PSP batteries are swelling up and cracking through the plastic housing. The problem is also occurring on devices that haven’t been used, so make sure you check your console to see if your PSP is affected. Older models will be more susceptible to the issue, it seems. 

The leaking batteries will naturally damage your PSP system, but could also be a hazard if left for too long. Replacements can be bought as the battery is thankfully removable, but make sure you dispose of your old, original battery responsibly.

Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable) was released in 2004, and promised console-like gaming on the go. The device was particularly popular in Japan, where the handheld device sold impressive numbers.

The last of us

It’s successor, the PS Vita, didn’t fare quite as well. The PS Vita was largely shunned by players in western territories, and Sony eventually stopped supporting the console. It still has a cult following, though, as the handheld is home to some fantastic ports and terrific JRPGs. 

Sony has since shifted its attention away from the handheld market, focusing instead on its consoles and virtual reality hardware with PSVR. With the Nintendo Switch now dominating the handheld scene, it would require a sizeable effort from Sony to dethrone Nintendo if it did decide to try its luck once again. 

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