PSA: Telstra's rolling out free Wi-Fi to selected payphones nationwide

Telstra payphone in street
(Image credit: Telstra)

Finding a public Wi-Fi hotspot just got easier, as Telstra is now offering free Wi-Fi access from its public payphones. From today, 3,000 payphones will be ready to go with free internet, with plans to upgrade and activate the remaining 12,000 across Australia over the next few years.

Rolling out free Wi-Fi to the 15,000 Telstra payphones across Australia means that free internet hotspots won’t only be isolated to major city centres. Regional areas will also be able to connect, with Telstra prioritising areas hit by bushfires or floods in the last couple of years to secure this upgrade.

This announcement comes just after a year since Telstra announced free phone calls to standard Australian landline and mobile phone numbers from its payphones. Gone are the days of pocket change and timed calls – calling home suddenly became a lot easier for those who didn’t have access to a mobile phone.

In the last year Telstra has seen a 70% increase in call volume from its public payphones, including over 19 million phone calls made to a variety of different numbers. Support services have been a critical factor in this number, with Centrelink being the most dialled service from payphones since last August.

Let’s get connected

You’ll only need to connect to Telstra’s Wi-Fi hotspot once – afterwards, your mobile phone should automatically connect whenever you come in range of a Telstra payphone. If you want to get connected, check Telstra’s payphone locator map to find your closest site, and follow these steps:

1. Find your nearest Telstra payphone.

2. Make sure your device's Wi-Fi is on.

3. Go into your Wi-Fi settings and select 'free Telstra Wi-Fi'.

4. Telstra's Wi-Fi portal will pop up, and once you've agreed to the terms and conditions, you're connected!

Want to connect from home? Telstra also offers a range of services, from mobile plans and NBN services, to help get you online. We’ve compared all of Telstra’s NBN plans to help you find the one best suited to your needs.

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