Production schedule for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, other 2022 launches gets leaked - here's what we know

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
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Over the past few weeks, we have been getting information in a trickle around the upcoming devices from Samsung. Keeping aside their flagship smartphones and the lesser models, leaks around the tablets, wearables and earbuds have proliferated. Of these, we know that the Galaxy Tab S8 and the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite are certainties. 

Now we can safely confirm that while the Galaxy Tab S8 and two other variants will arrive in the first quarter of 2022, users may have to wait the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite for the third quarter. The information was shared by SamMobile, which quotes from a leak of Samsung's entire annual production data. 

What else is on offer from Samsung?

The production roadmap further indicates that Samsung would be rolling out two more low-cost tablets, three laptops, the Galaxy Watch 5, the Galaxy Buds Pro2 and the Galaxy Buds Live2. A new Galaxy Tab A7 also appears in the mix for prospective launch during 2022. 

The report further indicates that while the Galaxy Tax S8 and its two variants, the Galaxy Tab S8+ and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will enter mass production starting the first quarter of 2022, the Galaxy Tab S8 Lite may get on the assembly line only in the third quarter of next year. 

The production details were originally shared by the Korean website The Elec said while the tablet production was slated to grow by six per cent in 2022 though a big chunk out of this will be fulfilled by the low-end devices from the Galaxy Tab A series devices. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and the Galaxy Tab A8 together account for 22 million units in production roadmap.

The other devices that Samsung could be pushing in 2022 includes a successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 series as well as next editions of the Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Pro series. However, there is no mention of any possible variants of the Galaxy Watch 5, which makes us believe that the leak might not have the entire product portfolio that Samsung plans to bring in 2022. 

The Galaxy Watch 5 may be going into production in the third and fourth quarter of next year alongside the two earbuds. The company also appears to have a lineup of laptops scheduled for release, with the Galaxy Book and Chromebook Go being the ones listed on the production roadmap. 

In terms of total production numbers, Samsung could be manufacturing 33.6 million  tablets, 23, million TWS buds, 19 million smartwatches and 7.4 million laptops. We must point out here that even if the roadmap is accurate, production schedules are subject to change, as we have witness in several cases this year, with Apple's shift to iPhones from iPads fresh in our minds. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab deals sales

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 - design and specs (expected)

The first major Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 leak to get our attention reveals plenty about the upcoming slate, which will apparently be available in 11-inch, 12.4-inch and 14.6-inch variations – with that last one a huge addition to the line.

We also have some unofficial renders that gives us an idea of how the Galaxy Tab S8 series will actually look like - you can check out renders of the Galaxy Tab S8 and Tab S8 Plus, and the new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Specs-wise, the tablets are said to top out at 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for the largest model, while 5G variants will be available. All three models are being tipped to have dual-lens 13MP+5MP cameras on the back, along with an 8MP camera on the front (though the Tab S8 Ultra apparently also has a 5MP ultra-wide lens on the front).

This leak also points to an 8,000mAh battery in the standard Galaxy Tab S8, a 10,090mAh one in the Tab S8 Plus, and a 12,000mAh one in the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

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